What is GreenPadOrg?

GreenPadOrg is a cloud-based tool that builds a business environment into visuals, allowing the business to interact with its front-end whilst the inbuilt back-end computer programme automatically identifies and reveals a business operating environmental aspects and impacts. It provides users with proven and tested environmental management solutions as well as training programmes that can be used to reduce their environmental impacts.

Which business can use this?

The tool can serve any form of organisation or enterprise, ranging from process industries, educational institutions, schools, service office, office buildings and so on.

What are the benefits of this programme?

The benefits of the tool are enormous. In general it helps businesses to:

  • Save operating costs
  • Reduce emissions and environmental impacts
  • Improve reputation for being green

How does a business need to do to get the tool?

All we ask is for the business to subscribe to it online and pay the subscription fee and log in credentials will be sent to them

Are businesses supported after paying the subscription fee?

Yes, once a business subscribes, they will be assigned with an environmental manager who provides support to them all year around. The environmental manager can also act as the business environmental manager throughout the subscription period and help them address any environmental concerns they may have subject to terms and conditions.