About Us

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GreenPadOrg is an award-winning product of GreenPad Enterprise. It is a cloud-based tool designed to help businesses make green and ethical decisions when procuring or investing in goods and services or dealing with contractors and suppliers.

To achieve this, it transforms a business, product or service into visuals and a virtual model on the tool’s front-end, allowing third party businesses or decision makers to interact with it whilst the inbuilt back-end algorithm automatically identifies and reveals a business operating environmental and social footprints.


This allows businesses to make procurement and investment decisions in a sustainable way to save carbon, energy, waste and water as well as improve ethical issues in the society whilst demonstrating accountability and transparency.


Businesses in today’s world make use of transportation, energy, natural resources, machinery and so on to provide goods and services to customers. These usages are not free of charge. Apart from the money used to carry out the aforementioned business operations, the environment also has a price to pay due to the fact that negative environmental impacts are produced from business operations.


There are growing social and environmental issues such as climate change, carbon emissions, modern slavery and child labour and all these are increasing stakeholder’ sustainability concerns; as a result, businesses now have to take actions to address social and environmental issues that is caused and/or affected by their operations as well as decisions. Also, there are rewards associated with positive social and environmental management actions and this can range from financial savings, increased customer satisfaction, improved business reputation and improved business green credential.


We are enthusiastic about sustainability and our mission is to provide environmental sustainability support to businesses by providing them with the tools and processes to adapt, manage and improve sustainability and become greener.

What We Do

Business Product & Service Assesment

Assess the environmental and social footprints of suppliers, products and services

Sustainable Decisions

Enable decision makers to make sustainable decisions


Reveal suppliers, products and services footprints


Promotes transparency and accountability in procuring or investing in goods and services


Provide business decsion makers with footprints data of  suppliers, products and services.

Sustainable Development

Helps businesses and corporate bodies to contribute to sustainanble development